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Very early this morning, a pedestrian bridge on the Southfield Freeway in Detroit collapsed after a waste management driver accidentally drove his truck into the bridge and caused it to fall over. The driver died a short time later at a nearby hospital. And while no one else was killed or hurt in the accident, the crash did affect lots of other people who were driving on the Southfield Freeway at the time. One of them just so happened to be Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, who was on his way to Detroit's Allen Park practice facility and was left stranded on the Southfield Freeway because of the bridge collapse.

Fox 2 News reporter Roop Raj posted this photo of Stafford near the scene of the bridge collapse a short time after it took place:

A Lions spokesman later said that Stafford didn't actually see the bridge collapse. But he was one of the first drivers on the scene after it went down. He was eventually able to make his way to the Lions' facility and is said to be doing fine. Several other Lions players were also affected by the traffic that backed up as a result of the bridge going down.

[via Detroit Free Press]