Do you remember crazy Cavaliers fan James Blair? If not, watch the video above.

Remember him now? He's the guy who ran out on to the court inside of Quicken Loans Arena back in early 2013 in the middle of a Heat/Cavaliers game to tell LeBron James that he wanted him to come back to Cleveland in the summer of 2014. LeBron didn't seem all that bothered by him. But because of the stunt he pulled, the Cavs banned him for life from their arena.

He got some great news recently, though. In light of LeBron coming back to the Cleveland, Blair will now be allowed to start coming to Cavaliers games again. He made the announcement late last week:

And earlier today, the Cavaliers blog Fear the Sword confirmed that Blair will be allowed back inside the Q:

We get the feeling that Blair was going to be at the Q next season regardless of whether he was supposed to be there or not. But still, good for him.

[via Fox Sports]