There's an hierarchy that exists when it comes to football teams. Quarterbacks are at the top of the pecking order on just about every team in the country—from Pop Warner to the NFL. Then come running backs, wide receivers, linebackers, cornerbacks, defensive ends, tight ends, safeties, and centers (the order may vary, from team to team). And then, wayyyyyyy down the list—somewhere between long snappers and water boys—come kickers and punters. They play an important role on football teams. But they're also routinely subjected to large amounts of slander because, well, they're kickers and punters.

In recent years, though, kickers and punters have gotten a little bit ballsy and tried to earn respect from their teammates by proving that they're every bit as tough as everyone else on their teams. And while it's worked on several occasions—Pat McAfee's amazing hit on Trindon Holliday last season comes to mind—it usually doesn't end well when kickers and punters try to mix it up with other players on the field. Just ask Browns punter Spencer Lanning, who tried to tackle Steelers wide receiver/punt returner Antonio Brown yesterday afternoon only to get kicked right in the face.

Lanning isn't the only kicker or punter who has gotten annihilated on the field recently, either. After seeing what happened to him, we put together A Recent History of Kickers and Punters Getting Destroyed on the Football Field. We give these guys credit for trying to do something other than kicking or punting. But they should probably just stick to doing what they do best and leave the tackling to the real football players.