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Over the course of the last month, there have been dozens of celebrities who have seen nude photos of themselves pop up online. And just about all of them have not been happy about it. Some have even threatened to take legal action against those who have helped spread those photos around on the Internet.

However, Joel Embiid doesn't really think that the trend of nude celebrity photos leaking out is a big deal. A short time ago, he tweeted out his reaction to the leaks:

And then, he explained why everyone needs to relax with regards to the leaks:

He did add this tweet a short time later after a few people called him out for being so unconcerned with the recent nude celebrity photo scandals:

But as of about a half an hour ago, he didn't seem all that worried about the backlash he's received on Twitter. He just wants to play FIFA:

SMH. What's with that name? This guy…

[via Twitter]