Earlier today, Reggie Bush caught some heat for the comments he made recently regarding the allegations surrounding Adrian Peterson and how he handles disciplining his own 1-year-old child. While Bush has attempted to clarify those remarks and post a tweet responding to "the haters," his teammate Calvin Johnson also chimed in with his own two cents: 

When looking at those two sentences, you may draw immediate conclusions about Johnson. However, that is just a small portion of Megatron's entire statement which you can check out below. 

“With this whole situation, it’s very unfortunate, and then you have pictures come out and stuff like that, which made it even worse,” Johnson continued. “I’m going to discipline my kids, so – and can’t nobody tell me how to discipline my kids, but like I say, that’s not my situation right now. My situation would be private. It’s not a public matter when you discipline your family, but unfortunately for him it’s become that, and like I say, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with disciplining your child. It teaches them discipline at the same time, and we all need that.”

Does CJ's entire explanation change your feelings towards his stance on the issue of discipling his own children? 

[via @cmonarrez]