Tonight on ESPN, the network re-aired a profile on Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall that originally debuted on E60 in October of 2012. The reason the network did it (seemingly) was to tie the segment to Ray Rice due to Marshall's past history with domestic abuse. After Marshall's lengthy rap sheet began adding up, he was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder which he hasn't shied away from, and has even become an outspoken advocate for.

ESPN used a couple new clips (including footage from Sunday's game against the 49ers, as well as Marshall giving no comment about Rice) in their updated feature. As Deadspin, pointed out, ESPN isn't under any obligation to air the story the way Marshall thought it would be aired (which he apparently thought would be about his football camp).

Regardless, Marshall took to Twitter this evening to air his grievances with both ESPN and reporter Lisa Salters.

As of now we have no word on what ESPN or Lisa Salters' reaction is (or if they even know) because he definitely tweeted at the wrong Lisa Salters.

[via Twitter/Deadspin]