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Michigan is off to one of the worst starts in their history, losing three games in September for the first time in the history of the storied program. Their horrible loss at home to Minnesota yesterday was capped by some clearly-audible “Fire Brady [Hoke]” chants, but the embattled coach actually committed a far worse offense than merely losing again.

With Michigan down 30-7 in the fourth quarter, quarterback Shane Morris got absolutely leveled on a pass attempt, and when he got back to his feet he was wobbling around like a baby deer. At the absolute least, he needed to sit out the rest of this meaningless game to be evaluated; people who aren’t concussed generally don’t sway around like that.

However, Hoke inexplicably allowed Morris to stay in for one more play, an incomplete pass. And then things got even worse, as after Morris’ replacement lost his helmet for a play, Hoke sent Morris back into the game.

Horrifying seems like the right word for it, but (like with a lot of things) Coach Hoke seems totally oblivious. “I don't know if he had a concussion or not, I don't know that,” he said after the game. “Shane's a pretty competitive, tough kid. Shane wanted to be the quarterback, and so, believe me, if he didn't want to be he would've come to the sideline or stayed down.”

Sporting a serious limp from another big hit and also having a serious head injury, Morris had to be carted to the locker room after the game. So, yeah, maybe Hoke’s pleading ignorance is not the best argument.

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