Back in April, Rolling Stone did a Q&A with Blake Griffin and talked to him about a number of different things, including chest hair, his commercials, and Justin Bieber. But after the Q&A ran, there was one comment in particular that Griffin made in it that seemed to upset a lot of people.

"I was raised in a Christian household and went to a Christian high school," the Clippers star told Rolling Stone, "so I believe in creationism."

Everyone from Deadspin to Bill Maher ripped Griffin for revealing his belief in creationism and, according to Griffin, he was taken aback by the criticism that he received. He just sat down with GQ for another Q&A and talked about how surprised he was when he realized how worked up people got with regards to his beliefs.

"Yeah, I was a little bit [surprised]," he admits in the Q&A, "just because, if you said you believe in evolution, I'm not gonna be like, 'You fucking idiot!' [laughs] You know what I mean? I'm just gonna be like, 'That's whatever.'"

Griffin then went on to explain why he believes in creationism.

"I believe in science," he says. "I believe in all of that. I just…Honestly, when I'm at the beach and I'm looking at the ocean, I'm looking at the mountains and the sun is setting, I'm seeing people running up and down, laughing, having fun, I'm like, 'This had to be created. This is created.' And that's my personal thing."

And he also talked about how creationism is something that's almost universally accepted in his home state of Oklahoma.

"If you ask like 90 percent of the people in Oklahoma, they'd agree [with me]," he says. "And then when you get to coasts, it's very, very different. And a lot of people are very closed-minded when it comes to things like that, and don't—I don't want to say closed-minded, but it's their way or the highway. And it's unfortunate that people on both sides are very closed-minded about it. Because there are religious people who are very closed-minded to a lot of things that aren't necessarily right, in my opinion. So it's on both sides."

You can read the entire GQ Q&A over here. It also features Griffin talking about Donald Sterling, the possibility of him working in the entertainment industry in the future, and fatherhood.

[via GQ]