Of the major sports leagues, perhaps none is more image-conscious than the NFL. Commissioner Roger Goodell takes the behavior of his players very seriously, and has been known to take dramatic steps to ensure that he protects the brand of the league. This has meant some pretty serious discipline handed out to players who run afoul of the league’s rules, regardless of their stature within the game.

Whether it’s a perennial Pro Bowler like Wes Welker and Robert Mathis or a 53rd guy like Rokevious Watkins and Marlon Moore, all players are held to the same rules and standards. While plenty can be made about the relative fairness of the NFL’s rules (how is domestic abuse exactly half as bad as inhaling a little marijuana?), it’s also true that the league does a good job enforcing the policies in place. Criticism leveled at Goodell for being a bit overzealous in his punishments for players may be somewhat founded, but his iron fist has also helped mold the league into a much better behaved one overall.

With the 2014 NFL season kicking off today and fans finally getting to turn their focus to actual football being played on the field, it’s only fair that we acknowledge those who aren’t out there. Here’s A Guide to All the Currently Suspended NFL Players.

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