Next season, even though he probably won't be able to play because of the leg injury that he suffered recently, Paul George is going to transform into "PG-13." The Pacers forward is changing his jersey number from No. 24 to No. 13 in order to adopt that new nickname. But before a player can change his number, the NBA requires that player to buy up all of their old jerseys from the manufacturer, who, in this case, is adidas. So at the moment, PG-13 has a ton of his No. 24 jerseys in his possession after deciding to change his number.

Well, at least, he had a ton of them in his possession. Late yesterday, George took to Twitter and revealed that, rather than keep the jerseys in his basement or throw them away, he decided to donate all of the No. 24 jerseys that he bought from adidas to his alma mater Knight High School in Palmdale, Calif. He did it because:

And since making the donation, George has retweeted a bunch of photos that KHS students have posted to Twitter. Many of them feature the students wearing their new No. 24 jerseys. Check out a few of the photos here:

This isn't the first time PG-13 has done something special for one of his alma maters, either. If you remember, he also bought up all of the tickets for the first Fresno State home game last October and allowed Fresno students to attend the team's game against Cal State Northridge for free. So the lesson to be learned here is that if you ever get the opportunity to attend one of Paul George's alma maters, take it! You'll probably end up walking away with some free stuff.

[via Bleacher Report]