Paul George suffered a horrific injury during Team USA's scrimmage. The Pacers guard was contesting a layup when he landed awkwardly on his right leg, causing the lower part to snap in half during the game. The medical staff rushed to his aid as Team USA—including Derrick Rose, who was visibly heartbroken after he recovered from a leg injury of his own, and Mike Krzyzewski, who witnessed a similar tragedy in person—watched in a combination of horror and shock. The game was cut short afterward. It's a truly devastating moment for one of the league's great young talents and Team USA.

You can watch the scene below, but please know this is extremely gruesome to see:

UPDATE: Here's a statement from Larry Bird.

UPDATE: George is optimistic about the future, according to his tweet.

UPDATE: The Joe Rose Show, a weekday morning radio show based out of Miami, has obtained an image of Paul George's x-ray. Be warned, the damage is significant. 

Meanwhile, NBA comissioner Adam Silver has praised the league's participation in international competition, but assured players, owners, and fans that the topic was up for discussion. Elsewhere, Mavs owner Mark Cuban has come out and blasted FIBA participation, noting it as what basically amounts to a joke.

UPDATE: The x-ray above is not a specific depiction of Paul George's injury. In 2013, when former Louisville guard Kevin Ware was dealt a similar injury, CNN correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta tweeted out the image, saying that, "This is the type of injury Kevin Ware suffered last night." The image is not specific to Ware. Though Ware and George did not suffer identical breaks in their legs, the x-ray depicts a broken tibia and a broken fibula, which is the same injury that George was dealt last Friday.