A lot of people were disappointed when Alexander Gustafsson was forced to drop out of his highly-anticipated rematch with Jon "Bones" Jones at UFC 178 because of injury recently. But after seeing the video above, we're pretty sure that Gustafsson's replacement Daniel Cormier is going to do a nice job of filling in for him and giving us a fight that we can all look forward to.

UFC 178 is still more than a month away—it's set to take place on September 27 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas—but during UFC 178 Media Day this morning, Jones and Cormier went toe-to-toe in front of a room full of reporters covering the event. And then, just a few seconds later, the two fighters started scrapping, broke the stage that was set up for the event, and eventually had to be separated by security guards. It was, in a word, insane.

The fight didn't end there, either. A short time after their actual fight, both men also took to Twitter to throw some shade in one other's direction.  Jones started by sending out this tweet:

Cormier responded with this:

In the meantime, Jones sent this:

But Cormier didn't back down:

And finally, Jones sent out a couple more tweets just to remind Cormier that this is only the beginning of their battle:

Can we fast-forward to September 27, like, now?! If you weren't sold on this fight before, we're pretty sure that today's pre-fight fight was enough to get you excited. And something tells us that this won't be the last we hear from these two between now and UFC 178.

[via MMA Fighting on SBN]