Very early this morning, Kevin Durant was messing around on Twitter and decided to hold an impromptu Q&A with his fans:

And during the Q&A, we learned all kinds of things about KD. For instance, we learned that KD is a big Mike Trout fan:

We learned that KD wants to be a college or NBA coach one day:

And we learned that KD has a celebrity crush but isn't going to name her because, well, the Internet:

But the most important thing that we learned during the Q&A is that you should not take shots at KD's hairline. And we learned it after one of his Twitter followers sent him this question:

KD did not appreciate that particular tweet. So he fired back with an answer that had all of his fans going nuts for a few hours:

It also sent @VH1PNUT—a Twitter user that we named to our list of The 25 Funniest Non-Celebrities on Twitter a couple years ago—scrambling for cover:

Get 'em, KD!

We're guessing that response won't stop people from taking shots at your hairline anytime soon. But at the very least, it lets everyone know that you will call them out if you see them making jokes about you on Twitter.

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[via @kdtrey5]