Earlier this month, Complex Sports published "16 Reasons Why Joel Embiid Is Already the NBA's Twitter MVP." Now, after we showered him with praise, it would have been easy for Embiid to pull a John Elway and end on top. Thankfully though, the 76ers first-round pick did not ride off into the sunset with his smart phone. In fact, he's stepped his game up, as impossible as that sounds. After inviting Kim Kardashian to slide into his DMs earlier this week, Embiid took to Twitter Thursday night to crowd source girl advice. What followed was, well, mostly garbage, but there are some pearls to help Embiid become a fully realized adult.

Use #EMB11DsADVICE to give me some advices going into a new life especially with girls because they ain't loyal. I said it Don't trust them.

— Joel-Hans Embiid (@JoelEmbiid) July 17, 2014

"@JoelEmbiid #EMB11DsADVICE get a girl that doesn't watch sports bro.... Like one of those artsy types

— Nobody (@Jsullhart) July 17, 2014

@JoelEmbiid #EMB11DsADVICE girls will slide in your Dms once they see some money and you on the court

— Savage God (@POPESAVAGEI) July 17, 2014

yo @JoelEmbiid please for the love of God stay away from Onyx....stick to Delilah's, Cheerleaders, or Penthouse club.... #EMB11DsADVICE

— wesmanchild (@wesmanchild) July 17, 2014

#EMB11DsADVICE don't take fashion tips from @russwest44 too damn big to dress like that

— Bynum (@DevoBeats24) July 17, 2014

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