Last night, a photo of The Rock wearing a fanny pack back in the 1990s surfaced on Reddit. And people on social media had an absolute field day with the photo, which also features The Rock wearing a black turtleneck and a pair of dad jeans. The jokes have practically written themselves.

But if you follow professional wrestling religiously, then you know that the fanny pack has long been a staple of the sport. Most of today's pro wrestlers don't wear them. But once upon a time, Zubaz pants, tight tank tops, and fanny packs were the uniform worn by pretty much every single pro wrestler on the planet. The WWE even documented the rise and fall of the fanny pack in pro wrestling earlier this year.

With that in mind, we decided to do The Rock a solid today by putting together a gallery of 25 Professional Wrestlers Wearing Fanny Packs to prove that he is not the only pro wrestler who used to wear one. Click through to check out photos of some other wrestling superstars and their fanny packs. Who's got jokes now?

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