We all get old but when we get old we don't have nagging injuries as part of the daily routine. The type of daily pain some of these titans of the squared circle feel when they get out of bed would have most of us calling in sick. Call wrestling fake all you want but getting slammed onto some wooden planks hurts like hell. Do that 250 nights a year and then tell us how fake it is. 

Sometimes life comes down to the question: Would you rather die young and live like a king or die old and wither away with regret? We'd bet a good number of us would pick choice number one. Who the hell wants to reach the century mark anyway? Perhaps life off the mat hasn't been perfect (although there's a few success stories) but these guys ditched the big and tall suit shops to throw on spandex and grapple night after night in Speedos. If we were 6'6" and three bills we'd be tempted to do the same.

But enough of that, we're here to celebrate Jake the Snake's 58th birthday. So relive your glory days of  WrestleMania sleepovers, getting loaded on Mountain Dew, and then spraining your friend's neck on the couch. Where Are They Now? Your Favorite WWE Stars of the '80s.

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