By Jake Paine

Since Big Bank Hank's Lincoln Continental and sunroof Cadillac on "Rapper's Delight," your favorite Hip-Hop star usually has a car (or two) associated with his or her persona. Through the decades, there has been everything from the embarrassing (Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Hooptie" and Devin The Dude's "Lacville '79") to the sensuous (UGK's "F**k My Car"), but it's all been rooted in a strong and direct love of automobiles. Nowadays, it's gotten to the point where car names are incorporated into top Hip-Hop labels, and car companies are using an assortment of rap endorsements (who could possibly forget the '03 limited edition Funkmaster Flex Ford Expedition?)

Whether it's the car you drive or the car you dream of, chances are, Hip-Hop had a hand in your choice. We looked at 20 specific vehicles and the Rap crews who helped make them famous (or infamous). So park your pink Ranges, slide up your Lambo doors, and put it on cruise control through some Rap-endorsed rides throughout the ages.

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