Over the weekend, the photo above had Celtics fans going crazy. Because Kevin Love was spotted hanging out in Boston—and because he was spotted exchanging pleasantries with Rajon Rondo—the belief was that Love is seriously considering playing with the Celtics sometime in the near future. However, Rondo himself wants you to know that you shouldn't look too far into the photo he took with Love. Because according to him, he hasn't talked to Love about coming to Boston. Like, not at all.

"I talked to Kevin for about 39 seconds," he said yesterday. "It was all over the Web? Well, we do work together. We played against each other. We compete, so when I saw Kevin, I spoke, wished him good luck on his time here in Boston."

Hmmm…Is Rondo being coy here? It's one thing for him to say that he didn't speak to Love about joining the Celtics. But it's quite another for him to say that they only spoke "for about 39 seconds." Celtics fans shouldn't go too crazy after seeing the photo above, but we think there's probably more to it than Rondo wants to admit right now.

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[via Boston Globe]