Radical Sportscars and Cranfield University's Advanced Motorsports Engineering MSc program (we want to go back to school) just released renderings of what a hydrogen-powered Radical race car would be, and we have to say that we absolutely love it. This is what green racing should be, not giant mosquitoes that are powered by tweets.

The car would be powered by a 669 hp and 567 lb-ft of torque Ford EcoBoost V6 being fed by liquid hydrogen. "Extensive" testing of materials and simulations were done by the students at Cranfield, despite the sad, sad fact that there's no plan to actually build this car. 

Now this is going to make a lot of people angry, but we're just going to say it: if the FIA really wants to mix up Formula 1 and give the series a better image, it could simply switch the engines to hydrogen turbo V6s. Not only would it provide a huge change that could keep things interesting from a racing point of view, but it would make the series much more relevant with regards to today's auto industry as it tries to move away from fossil fuels entirely. 

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[via Electric Autosport