Piloti had been having a rough couple of years, but now Canadian superstore chain Canadian Tire (which sells a lot more than tires) has purchased the company and completely revamped the whole line of diving shoes and other motorsport-inspired gear.

The shoes are divided into three categories, two of which are totally unsurpising. The Performance shoes are all FIA certified racing shoes, with all the fire-retardant and loud colors that you would expect. The casual line aren't FIA certified or fire retardant, but the line does include some slick looking sneakers with Piloti's patented Roll Control Heel. 

Then there's the Italian-made luxury line which is made up of a fairly classic looking driving loafer with a high-performance sole, and a wingtip boot with an ankle strap and the same performance sole. We didn't see that one coming, but we can only expect that if The Transporter 4 is ever made, Jason Statham will be rocking a pair.

Piloti is returning to North America now, but the company still hasn't put up the store locator on its website. Prices will range from $150 to $240 for the Performance and Casual shoes, and from $350 to $450 for the Luxury line.

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[via Autoblog