McLaren hasn’t exactly been transparent with its most recent batch of performance cars, but now we can officially tell you what’s on the table for 2015. 

A track-focused P1 – made only available to owners of a road-going P1 – will go on sale next year, in limited numbers of course. McLaren promises this will be its rarest and most powerful vehicle as of yet. Good news then, providing you have already got a P1.

For the rest of us, we can take solace in the P13, which has been given the official green light for production in 2015. The car will share its carbon fiber composite structure and V8 powerplant with the elder McLaren models, however its price will put it at the bottom of the lineup. 

The news comes courtesy of a McLaren press conference for its financial results of the past year, of which it appears the company sold 1,359 MP4-12Cs and 36 P1s, for a total revenue of $477 million. Profit however, was much less – try 7.5 million, equalized by large R&D costs.

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[via Motor Authority]