Last weekend, Johnny Manziel spent a couple days in Las Vegas taking in a UFC fight and partying by the pool with Rob Gronkowski and a bevy of beautiful women. And a lot of people out there criticized him for it. So this weekend, Johnny Football decided to stay at home, study his playbook, and make all of his haters happy…

HA. Or not. Manziel wasn't in Las Vegas again. But he was out in Los Angeles. And on Saturday night, he partied with his BFF Drake at a club called Warwick. The two didn't walk into the club together. But TMZ Sports caught Manziel entering the club at the beginning of the night and Drizzy exiting it later on. They also captured this video of Manziel getting into a party bus at the end of the night with a large group of girls: mad?

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[via TMZ Sports]