The dunk is the quintessential highlight reel play. The leaping ability, creativity, and physical ferociousness involved creates an instant adrenaline rush for any sports fan. We're a bit spoiled by dunks nowadays—Blake Griffin and LeBron make it look too easy—but seeing an NBA athlete sprint down the open court is always special. When one of the league's best breaks away for a wide open dunk, you can feel the arena gasp in anticipation. Players take so few steps, elevate to such unreal heights, and twist and contort their bodies to up the degree of difficulty and to challenge themselves. 

Sometimes, however, they over complicate matters. They attempt dunks they have no business attempting. They attempt dunks when they shouldn't be trying at all. They lose focus trying to annihilate the rim on the follow through. No player is exempt from these fails either. Hell, even Michael Jordan's missed dunks in his career. Need proof? Look no further than GIF Gallery: NBA Players Missing Wide Open Dunks