Date: 4/1/1992

When you go to prison there's not much you can do. You can get pardoned, paroled, or tattoo prison blueprints onto your body along with step-by-step instructions for a gripping escape plan. Outside of that you're serving your sentence.

So when Mike Tyson opted for voodoo to get out of doing time for a rape conviction, you'd expect it to work about as well as using voodoo for, well, anything. The first two suggestions given to Tyson were: Stuff $500 in a jar, then fill it with piss; and to wash himself in oils and drink special water. Those ideas sounded useless so Tyson went with a solution a little more practical: a hacksaw witch doctor, an egg and a bird. He dropped the egg, released the bird and shouted "We're free!" on the steps of the courthouse. Much to our surprise it did work!

It just took three years to kick in.