After Mike Tyson was accused of rape 20 years ago, his promoter Don King asked criminal defense lawyer Vincent Fuller to represent Iron Mike in court and Fuller agreed. But, Tyson didn't feel like Fuller represented him well and he's said so many times over the years. So, during a "Sunday Conversation" with Tyson on SportsCenter over the weekend, ESPN's Jeremy Schaap asked Tyson about Fuller's defense and even tried to get him to see that Fuller was more than just a "tax lawyer," as Tyson has described him on many occasions. And, Mike wasn't having it.

"He was a horrible lawyer," he says. "He was a horrible fucking lawyer. He painted me out mostly to be a villain. He was really bad."

Tyson's Undisputed Truth is on Broadway through August 12. This is exactly why you need to scoop some tix if you haven't already.

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[via ESPN]