Sport: Bodybuilding
Criminal History: Murder
Time Behind Bars: 17+ years

If ever there was a PSA to keep kids off of steroids, it's Sally "Killer Sally" McNeil. After taking up bodybuilding, McNeil became a menace purportedly pulling a gun on her ex-husband, dropping a 70 lbs. weight on his car from a balcony, and was subdued with pepper spray during a physical altercation with police officers. Later that year, she beat a woman severely at a competition because she suspected she was "sleeping wit her husband."

On Valentine's Day of 1995 the violence turned deadly when she pulled a shotgun on her then-husband and murdered him in cold blood. To date, McNeil has claimed no wrongdoing and has painted her husband as an abuser. McNeil recently celebrated her 50th birthday in a California prison for women.