'Raris are red,
no roof means sky blue.
Miami is 'bron's town,
he dunks just for you.*

*Tony Markovich NBA poetry, subject to copyright, not to be reproduced in any form for any commercial purposes. 

The main man Derick G released this pre-playoff exclusive as a "day in the life" type of video, following LeBron James as he hits his workouts and drinks juice. Literally, he goes to a juice store and drinks juice (EDIT: thanks to Emily Wright, we now know that this is LeBron's wife's juice spot, aptly named The Juice Spot). In between his destinations, he rolls around Miami in this beautiful chrome red Ferrari 458 Spider (way cooler than Kobe's, FTR). Mario Chalmers also makes a short appearance in his custom Range Rover. If you're into that sort of thing, check out the video above or just be happy you came across such beautifully written poetry and tweet this post with "#blessed." 

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[via Derick G]

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