Now that it's clear that the New York Knicks will not hire Steve Kerr to be their next head coach since he just agreed to a deal with the Golden State Warriors, Phil Jackson is taking his coaching search in a new direction. And that new direction may lead to him signing either Derek Fisher, Tyronn Lue, or Luke Walton—yes, Luke Walton!—as the Knicks' new head coach. And as you might imagine, that's not sitting well with people on Twitter right now. They don't really like the idea of the Knicks hiring Fisher. They're laughing at the thought of the Knicks hiring Lue. And they're threatening to abandon the Knicks forever if Walton gets the gig.

For proof of that, check out some of the tweets that we've come across about Luke Walton over the course of the last hour. It's pretty clear that Knicks fans do not want Walton calling the shots for them now or, well, ever. Yikes!

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[via ESPN New York]