Obviously we're stoked that a hoverbike will go on sale in 2017. How could we not be? But now that we've learned this we're left scratching our heads, thinking, "What the hell is taking hoverboards so long?"

After debuting the hoverbike two years ago Aerofax has announced it will hit the market in three years. It'll run you about $85,000, but you can't put a price on fulfilling a childhood fantasy. If you're serious you can make a down payment of $5,000.

The hoverbike cruises about 12 feet off the ground and is capable of reaching 44 mph. It uses ducted rotors like some helicopters but steers like a motorcycle. Using knee bars, the prototype turns based on the way the rider leans. 

Perhaps the next Star Wars won't have to use fake hoverbikes. 

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[via Discovery News