The United States will be one step closer to space independence with SpaceX's unveiling tomorrow. Elon Musk will introduce his aerospace company's first manned spaceship, the Dragon V2 "Space Taxi." The spacecraft, which Musk hopes will begin flights in 2017, is an updated version of the Dragon initially intended to deliver cargo to the International Space Station

Currently SpaceX is one of three companies developing manned spacecrafts for the United States. Their work has become increasingly important as relations with Russia have soured and put in doubt America's ability to put astronauts in space. The old Cold War enemy has said it won't take astronauts into space after 2020 and also won't sell any of the engines used for the Atlas V rocket. 

Russia's deputy prime minister suggested the United States deliver its astronauts "with the help of a trampoline," to which Elon Musk responded with this tweet:


The unveiling tomorrow will prove Musk was doing more than talking shit. If you want to watch the announcement live, head right here at 7 p.m. PST. 

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[via Universe Today