Earlier tonight, CNN aired their much talked about Donald Sterling interview with Anderson Cooper. While Sterling's goal with the discussion on AC360 may have been to set the record straight regarding the recording and his comments, the Clippers owner probably did more harm than good with many head-scratching quotes and completely delusional beliefs. 

From his personal attack on Magic Johnson to the assumption that his players still got love for him, here are the 8 Things We Learned From Donald Sterling's Interview With Anderson Cooper


Sterling Questions What Magic Johnson Has Done for Minorities

Sterling tried to smear Magic's name by bringing up his battle with HIV, as well as questioning what he's done for minorities and whether or not he's a good role model. Anderson Cooper went on to mention Johnson's foundation and his many other charitable efforts which actually do raise money for kids, minorities included, in need. During the episode, AC spoke to Spike Lee, who said that Sterling "messed with the wrong brother." Stay tuned because Magic is coming on the show tomorrow.


Sterling Believes Magic Johnson Has Some Personal Vendetta Against Him

After the recorded conversation with V. Stiviano was released, Magic Johnson reportedly called Sterling and told him to not do anything for three days because the former NBA great knew Stiviano and would help resolve the matter. However, the Clippers owner believes that Magic wanted him to do nothing "so he can buy the team."


It's Not That Sterling Doesn't Want Black People at His Games, He Just Doesn't Want Good-Looking Black People at His Game

See, he's not racist! He's just jealous. In an attempt to clear up that comment about not wanting V. Stiviano to bring African-Americans to Clippers games, Sterling took the "I'm a jealous guy" approach, however, Donald didn't have a sound rebuttal when Cooper referenced the audio where Sterling doesn't even mention anything about good-looking African-Americans. 


Sterling Will Comply With the League's Wishes, But They Don't Really Want to Remove Him as Owner of the Clippers

Even though Sterling is adamant that he will go along with whatever decision the league hands down, Donald believes that the owners don't want him gone. This comment comes just a few weeks after the NBA's advisory and finance committee unanimously voted to move forward with the removal of Sterling as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.


Sterling Thinks His Players Still Love Him 

Because the act of taking off their shooting shirts and throwing them on the ground meant that they were still in support of Sterling. Riiiiiiiiight


Sterling Really Thought V. Stiviano Cared for Him

While Sterling refused to get into the specifics of their relationship, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what V. Stiviano and him had going on. She got spoiled with plenty of free gifts and in turn...well...you know. Still, Donald genuinely believed that she cared for him. And maybe she did. Right? *crickets*


Anderson Cooper Is More Racist Than Donald Sterling 

If you're a little confused by that headline, you're not alone. When Anderson attempted to get a response out of Sterling regarding what ex-Clippers general manager Elgin Baylor called the owner's “vision of a Southern plantation-type structure,” Sterling responded by simply claiming that Cooper is more racist than him. We kid you not. Look, we don't know much about AC personally, but we're probably not crazy in assuming that Sterling is the one who is far more racist. 


Donald Sterling: "I'm Not a Racist, and I've Never Been a Racist, and I'll Never Be a Racist."

Well, he must not have seen this list, huh? 

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