The world's first electric airplane has taken flight in France. But with a top speed of 136 mph and room for only two people, it's still going to be a while before the electric plane becomes a game changer. Especially when it uses 120 lithium-ion batteries

The E-Fan's first flight lasted less than 10 minutes, but the plane is capable of flying for an hour before recharging. That hour of flight costs just $16, compared to $55 for a conventional plane of the same size.

France's Minister of Economy called the E-Fan “the first step" in the production of "successive generations of electric planes of increasing sizes, with the goal of building electric-powered jumbo jets within the next 20 years."

If this means not getting screwed by airlines in 20 years, we're all for it. And saving the environment is pretty cool, too. 

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[via France 24

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