At the tender age of 16, kids are finally given the freedom to drive on their own. They can legally take significant others out on dates, without parents hawking over their every move. They can go to the local ice cream or burger spot on half days. They can hop between friends' basements and Walmart late on weekend nights, trying to decide what place is better for sitting around and talking about how bored they are. The big question, when kids get their licenses, though, is always what they are going to drive. 

Some people are told straight away that they'll have to save up and purchase their own cars. Others have loaners from the 'rents, and a select group of lucky people have $40,000 cars gifted to them. Different starts for different situations. 

Whatever wheel they end up grasping often becomes a part of the kids' identities in high school. They're recognized by what make and model they roll up in, people talk about how old or expensive the car is, and they're judged on what kind of music is blaring from their stuck, half-open sunroofs. It's natural. High school is the most judgemental place on the planet. As the weather starts to warm, we're reminded of the long lines of traffic, trying to get out of the jammed parking lot. It gave us time every day to witness the various types of drivers we were surrounded by, like the asshole with the ultra-loud stock muscle car or the kid in his mother's minivan. Relive the not-so-glorious days with The 11 Types of Drivers You See in High School.  

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