Electric vehicles have already shown they're more than a gimmick, but America is still lacking the necessary infrastructure to let you take them anywhere. To prove that a Tesla Model S driver took his car on a 12,000-mile road trip across America. His 24-day journey followed a wild path dictated by available charging stations

Norman Hajjar started in the Pacific Northwest, drove through Washington and Oregon and north to south through California before heading east to Maine. Then he drove south to Florida and back north to Pennsylvania before heading back home. Each day was filled with 14 to 16 hours of driving and, in total, Hajjar stopped at charging stations 91 times. 

The road trip was partially a publicity stunt on behalf of Hajjar's employer, an electric vehicle software and analysis company named Recargo, to bring attention to the need for more charging stations across America. He certainly has us talking about it. 

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[via LA Times

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