In the center of a Tesla Model S dashboard is a 17-inch touchscreen that has more in common with your phone than you think. It too can be jailbroken, but Tesla doesn't want you doing that. One Model S owner/hacker figured that out when he got a message warning him to stop what he was doing or Tesla would void his warranty

Before you cry about being able to do whatever you want once you buy the car, realize that Apple has a similar warranty clause. So does Android. And Windows. The companies aren't telling you what to do with your life, they're just saying you're on your own for repairs once you start hacking away. 

That being said, there are benefits to jailbreaking. The Model S owner was able to run Firefox on his car's touchscreen after finding a hidden Ethernet port. We're sure there are minds capable of getting other third-party apps to run. And it probably won't take them long to do so. 

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[via Green Car Reports