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The 2014 NBA playoffs are officially underway, it?s that time of the year when superstars and fashion trendsetters are made. In this fashion-conscious league, the stroll from the team bus to the locker room has turned into a runway and by the postseason the spotlight is turned even brighter. Look good, play good. That?s the motto, right? Now that the playoffs have cracked open, we?re curating style power ranking of the players who are putting together the strongest sartorial performances.

Chandler-parsons-game-1-nba-playoffs-look1.Chandler Parsons@NBATVDamian-lillard-instagram-fashion-2014-NBA-Playoffs-game-1-round-12.Damian Lillard@caseyholdahi
Chris-Bosh-instagram-fashion-Alexander-wang-shirt-waraire-boswell-suit-louis-vuitton-shoes-2014-NBA-Playoffs-game-1-round-13. Chris ?Posh? Bosh@Kmcme17

Blake-griffin-fashion-game-1-2014-NBA-playoffs-club-monaco-jogger-pants-john-varvatos4. High-flyer Blake Griffin is a gentleman off the hardwood?in the words of Justin Timberlake..?he be on his suit and tie shit.? Blake looked smooth clothed in shades of black, spruced-up with a pattern collar shirt. (photo/styled by @Notasocialite)

Deandre-Jordan-instagram-fashion-2014-NBA-Playoffs-game-1-round-15.DeAndre Jordan@mspaigexo
Harrison-Barnes-instagram-fashion-2014-NBA-Playoffs-game-1-round-16.Harrison Barnes@HbarnesJames-Harden-instagram-fashion-2014-NBA-Playoffs-game-1-round-17.James Harden@Jharden13Matt-Barnes-instagram-fashion-2014-NBA-Playoffs-game-1-round-18.Matt Barnes@Brandwills

Kevin-Durant-instagram-fashion-2014-NBA-Playoffs-game-1-round-19. Prints! Prints! And more prints! Kevin Durant kept it cool and casual; he wore a custom print shirt and tapered cargo pants (by Phenom247clothing) with a pair of metallic silver sneakers by Great Brands.

Mike-conley-russell-westbroo-red-outfits-2014-nba-playoffs-round-110 (tie). Russell Westbrook and Mike Conley Jr.@Brandwills@russwest44RObin-Lopez-instagram-fashion-2014-NBA-Playoffs-game-1-round-112.Robin Lopez@caseyholdahlFollow me on Twitter @morethanstats21