Maria Sharapova has her hands in more than one cookie jar ­– literally. The international tennis star, who doubles as Porsche’s brand ambassador and manager of the “Sugarpova” candy company, recently announced a Porsche-themed candy, dubbed “Speedy”.

The confection is a yogurt gummy shaped in the likeness of the iconic Porsche 911. We'll take a gander that it doesn't actually taste like Stuttgart's finest two-door. Sharapova started repping the Porsche brand last year, though the star got her first taste of the sweet rides back in 2012 after she won the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix and took home a 911 Carrera S Cabriolet.

If your Easter baskets are looking particularly empty or Porsche-less this morning, you can hop over to the Sugarpova website to fill up on goodies. 

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[via Motorsport and Daily Mail]

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