The Knicks have experienced a series of fails over the course of the 2013-14 NBA season. So what's one more?!

We have absolutely no idea why they're thinking about doing this. But according to multiple reports, Phil Jackson is trying to sign Lamar Odom to the Knicks' roster before the end of the regular season. We reported this a few days ago, but now it sounds like it's actually going to happen. Odom isn't expected to play for the Knicks in either of their final two games this season. But if he signs with the team, the Knicks would be able to spend the next few months working with him to see if he's ready to make a comeback in the NBA after sitting out for a season. It would give them the opportunity to see where his head is at right now and to see how much he still has left in the tank.

We know that Jackson is going to have to get super creative during the offseason in order to help the Knicks improve since he doesn't have much salary cap space to work with. And in theory, Odom could give the Knicks a boost next season if he recommits himself to basketball. But if the Knicks sign Odom now, with two games left in the season, wouldn't it be the most Knicks thing ever?

Sigh. The offseason can't come quickly enough for Knicks fans.

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[via ESPN New York]