There is no "fun coefficient" when it comes to reviewing cars, but maybe there should be. Forget top speed—which won't do you any good anyway, unless you live right outside the Nürburgring—and put together a statistic that measures agility, quickness, and, say, engine noise, all divided by price. Something like that anyway. If such a statistic did exist, the cars on this list would score quite high.

Because shouldn't fun come first? And what's more fun, a 5,400-pound Bentley that feels like it's doing 80 when it's doing 140, or a 2,200-pound Honda that feels like it's doing 140 when it's doing 80? Exactly. Not to mention the Civic will cost about as much as one of Bentley's rims. Anyway, we (with some help from the Kelley Blue Book) did the research so you don't have to. Here's 10 Fun Cars That Cost Less Than $4,000.

Disclaimer: Before your feathers get all ruffled up, we realize that some of these cars would not fall into the "less than $4,000" range if they're in great condition and low miles. When we evaluated the cars on KBB, we took the older models, usually with at least 100,000 miles and at "good" condition. Just remember that before you start yelling, "YOU COULDN'T FIND THAT FOR THAT CHEAP!"

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