From Matt Kemp to Andrew Bynum, Rihanna has been romantically linked to quite a few pro athletes over the years. So what's one more?

Over the weekend, shortly after Rih-Rih walked out of a party at Lure nightclub in Los Angeles, she was spotted chatting it up with DeSean Jackson, who approached her ride as she prepared to leave. There's no word as to what the Redskins wide receiver said to her or whether or not the two know each other. But it definitely looked like D-Jax was trying to kick a few lines to her with his buddy Game by his side. Unfortunately, it looks like he got the cold shoulder. But judging by the million-dollar, er, 24 million-dollar smile he flashed after walking away from her car, he didn't let it bother him for too long.

Peep the clip above to watch the encounter take place. Welcome to the club, DeSean.

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[via TMZ Sports]