It's all over folks. In the second-leg of the UEFA Champions League semi-final, Atletico Madrid stormed into Stamford Bridge and took down Chelsea 3-1. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, is without a doubt, a very butthurt man right now. After blowing the Premiership title by losing to Sunderland at home earlier this month, Chelsea put all their eggs in the Champions League basket, and they've failed to be vindicated.

Mourinho went overtly defensive in his tactics, starting five natural defenders, using two of them (César Azpilicueta and David Luiz) in midfield. The bus was certainly reared to be parked for Chelsea today, and for a while, it worked. Fernando Torres opened the scoring after Willian's tricky work created the opportunity, putting Chelsea up 1-0—a result that, if it had held, would've seen Chelsea through to the final.

Eight minutes later, Chelsea's advantage was wiped out by Adrián's top-shelf finish. 

And was solidified by Diego Costa's penalty after a foul in the box committed by Chelsea forward Samuel Eto'o

The loss marks Mourinho's 6th defeat in 8 Champions League semi-finals, but it opened the door for a bit of history to be made. We've had all-England, all-German, and all-Spanish Champions League finals before, but there's never been a final featuring two teams from one city.
The last El Derbi madrileño ended in a 2-2 draw, but come kick-off time on May 24th in Lisbon, a draw won't decide squat. Who do you have taking home the European Cup? Ronaldo's Real Madrid, or Diego Costa's Atletico Madrid?