Smell that? No, not the office AC. It's spring! Which means the grass is growing, the flowers are blooming, and it's high time to tear them up with a low-budget 4x4. Not a quad or something like that either, but a full-on roadgoing car or truck—with doors, even—that can double as a commuter or something to drive to soccer practice or the mall or wherever it is that people go in springtime. Baseball games?

The goal here was to focus on fun rides that are good to go straight off Craigslist, so while early Land Rover Discoveries technically fit the bill, maintenance and the like would cause that initial investment to skyrocket. And earlier models from the likes of Lexus and Infiniti are a bit too plush. There are also plenty of full-size American trucks out there, but we decided to tick to the SUVs for this one. The best part is that with a $5k budget, you can probably get two of these. So check out 10 Fun 4x4s You Can Get For Less Than $5,000 and go run over some stuff.

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