Everybody knows that print publications are having a tough time right now. Hundreds of newspapers and magazines, big and small, have closed all over the country, mostly thanks to the Internets. So, you can see a bit of irony in the fact that skater and writer Eby Ghafarian has turned to Kickstarter and the world wide web to call upon the people to help fund his new dream, Stoops Magazine, a NYC skating publication. 

Eby, who has done some work for Complex Rides before, has paired up with known photographer Allen Ying to create a quarterly magazine that he hopes will showcase the specific art of NYC skating in a way that will show off the naturally beautiful landscape and inspire the next generation of skaters.

"NYC skateboarding is like no other," he said in an emailed statement. "There are few cities in the world that you can recognize simply by seeing them in the background of a skate photo. Perhaps you can recognize San Francisco's hills or Barcelona's how-was-this-not-build-for-skating spots, but you will almost always be able to tell a New York City photo. With raw, gritty, and congested spots and a backdrop so unremarkable that it cannot be confused with any other, it really is the most photogenic city. Stoops will be dedicated to showcasing only the best skate photos from NYC every 3 months. Each issue will be a collectors item and the world will be inspired to visit New York and experience it for themselves."

If you like what you read, check out the video below, and if you feel like it, DONATE HERE

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