Some might say that with the ubiquity of HD television and the incredibly high prices of attending live sporting events, the fan experience has completely changed. Arenas and stadiums have been customized to make the fans feel as comfortable as possible, and the era of the rabid, crazy fan seems to have begun to fade along with it. The typical fan is no longer an average guy or girl; it’s instead someone who can afford the ridiculous prices and has invested way too much money to get rowdy and risk getting tossed out.

But don’t tell that to these people.

Some fans, despite the changing culture surrounding live sports, continue to do their best to go totally nuts when they’re at a game. Whether they’re shaking their enormous guts for cameras, dancing like a maniac, or mixing it up with players, there are still some fans who go to games and make themselves a part of the action.

They may be a dying breed, but it’s comforting to still know that there are some perfectly normal-seeming people out there who are still willing to go completely nuts at a game. Here’s a look at some examples of Sports Fans Losing It at Live Games.