Mike Krzyzewski and Jim Boeheim are two ACC coaches who are old and tired of this shit. Boeheim got himself thrown out of a game and pretty much cost his team a win with his explosion a few weeks ago. Krzyzewski was also fed up, but he expressed himself in less epic fashion: By throwing a marker. Apparently, that's also worth a technical.

Krzyzewski didn't even toss it on the court. He threw it toward his bench in an "I'm so over this" fashion instead of an Eminem in "Kim" rage. Krzyzewski hit one of his assistants in the leg, however, so the referee slapped him with a tech possibly out of concern of the man's shin/calf. Virginia hit two of its free throws after the call in the ACC Championship Game, but are still in a tight game with the Blue Devils. What's going to be the deciding factor of the game? Well, let's ask the marker.

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[via Die Hard Sports]