Tomorrow, Lorde will be performing at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, Ill. So, with some free time on her hands, the 17-year-old singer decided to go to tonight's Bulls/Thunder game at the United Center. Judging from her recent tweets, we're getting the feeling that she has never been to a basketball game. Here's Exhibit A:  

Um, okay? That's, uh, cool. Lorde also expressed her feelings towards the atmosphere in the arena. 

And, here she is her live tweeting an assessment of the Luvabulls' performance and a show they had during "the break":

Honestly, it's kind of fascinating to "witness" her reactions to what we're assuming is her first NBA game. Maybe she'll come back again. The amount of fun she is having is written all over her face. 

We kid. 

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[via Lorde]