Oh, how we hate excessively overzealous "fans" who think that their overtly loud cheering will make up for the fact that they can't name the coach, the team's ace, the sixth man off the bench or the squad's starting halfback. To the true diehard, there's nothing more frustrating than a bandwagon fan who's just there for the glory but is nowhere to be found when they're stacking No. 1 overall picks.

When celebrities do it we raise an even bigger eyebrow (what the hell does that mean?) because so many stars seem to have every move calculated to further their careers, it can't hurt to be seen cheering a winner. To them, it may be all well and good but it's more satisfying to stand by your (wo)man through the crappy times. When the Kansas City Royals make the playoffs again (which they haven't done since 1985) only the truly faithful will be able to shed tears without drawing our pessimistic scorn and collective eye rolls. 

It's better to honorably pick and stick then ride a winning squad because somewhere deep down you know you're a phony. We compiled this list to catalog the faces of some famous offenders caught in the act. Everyone from John Cena to LeBron James to Rihanna made the cut. Check out the Biggest Bandwagon Celebrity Sports Fans.