Jimmy Fallon has now narrowed down his search to four trucks: the Toyota Tacoma, Ram 1500, and two Ford F-150s (the King Ranch and Platinum versions). Even with the help of Road and Track EIC Larry Webster, we're not sure if Fallon's any closer to making an actual decision. In fact, Fallon might not even be a truck guy after all. 

On last night's episode of The Tonight Show Fallon said he needs a truck to carry pumpkins and a carry a baby—neither of which necessitate a pickup. He also balked at the idea of decreasing the air pressure on his tires and then filling them back up. "Absolutely not," he said. "Maybe I shouldn't get a truck. Maybe I should get an SUV." 

Who knows what's going to happen now. Perhaps he needs another automotive journalist to come on the show and help him out. If so, yo. Fallon's yet to talk about his greenest options, and we'd love to discuss those. 

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[via NBC