In sports, scoring is a regularity. It's what draws the fans to the game in the first place. We want a winner and a loser. We want explosive highlights. We want to be amazed. Scoring is what allows us to have all those things. As we saw in the 2014 NBA All-Star Game (the highest scoring ASG in league history), points often translate to a better fan experience. In this game, we got to see Kyrie Irving drop 31 points and 14 assists. We got to see Carmelo Anthony pour in 30 of his own off of a record eight three-pointers. Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin each complemented their spectacular regular season play with 38 points of their own. It was the spectacle that every All-Star Game should aspire to be.

So, with quantity in mind, let's take a look at the games across all major pro sports that managed to impress us with their point totals. Check out The 25 Highest Scoring Games in the History of Pro Sports.