Are you ready for some Boogie Smooth? Let's rephrase that: Are you ready for a new R&B album from Sacramento's Demarcus Cousins

Cousins' upcoming album doesn't look like some throwaway project either. According to the description on his YouTube video, his upcoming album will have features from Rick Ross, Chance the Rapper, and Chase N. Cashe. Cousins must have thought since the Kings are already one of the worst teams in the league, he might as well focus his energy on making a decent R&B album.

Anyway, the first single is "Emotional" featuring Chance the Rapper. It's off the Cousins Boogie Smooth's upcoming album Misunderstood, which has cover art and a bonus track appropriately titled "Big Fellas" featuring Rick Ross. There's no release date yet.

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[via boogiecousins]